Use a Whiteboard Video to Tell Your Company’s Story

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Why Does Your Business Need a Whiteboard Video?

Simply put VIDEOS SELL and people don’t read anymore UNLESS their interest is peaked! Do you realize you only have SECONDS to grab a viewers attention? Why do companies like Amazon, Oracle, Google, Verizon and so many more use whiteboard animation? Because they’re an exciting and innovative way to QUICKLY grab a prospects attention when marketing ANY type of product or service. We will create a video to grab your prospects attention FAST and have them QUICKLY understand your message ! 

  • Need More Reasons Why you Need a Whiteboard Video? Here are just a few...

  • They are VERY good at grabbing attention Fast. It is a FACT that viewers attention need to be grabbed in LESS than a minute. These videos do just that!
  • They are VERY entertaining. Whiteboard videos can be fun but still informative. It's a great combination that keeps the viewer engaged.
  • They are VERY Versatile. Whiteboard videos can be placed anywhere...on your website, social media outlets or linked to any other form of advertising you may do. It's the gift that keeps giving!
  • They are VERY good at getting prospects to take action.This will convert viewers into buyers when you add a call to action to your video.
  • They are VERY memorable. When a customer remembers your video they remember your business!

Video Samples

Classic Whiteboard Animation

Cartoon Style Animation

A One Time Investment in a Whiteboard Video Will Drive New Business Over and Over Again

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but what if you could have the best of both worlds? Our Whiteboard videos blend professional quality audio with real-time illustrations that come to life before the viewer’s eyes...we can even make dry material interesting!

Whiteboard animation videos are an essential tool to market your product or service in a concise and compelling way, but the thought of putting together any marketing video can be daunting. The good news is we make the process quick, painless and VERY cost effective. When reviewing our pricing lower on this page it will be clear to see the investment in one of our high quality whiteboard videos is a fraction of what a whiteboard costs on average.

Look at this quote from a Forbes magazine article…

Making a marketing video of any quality can be both time-consuming and costly, especially if you are aiming for good video and sound quality. Whiteboard animation is done on a per-minute basis about $1,500 per finished minute. FEB 26, 2016

We know how to produce whiteboard animation videos that are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at having your marketing message heard in a fast, clear, and concise manner. We will create a video that meets your goals by hitting all your essential talking points, and value propositions.

As a bonus our videos are VERY cost effective, and a ONE-TIME investment that keeps paying returns year after year! Be sure to read our testimonials and watch our sample videos!

Our Super Affordable Plans

We know every business has a budget, and that budget needs to be adhered to. For that reason we offer our high quality whiteboard videos at a fraction of the cost of what most companies charge. Pick a package below that works for you.

Quick Pitch

Perfect for a quick concise message. Keep in mind that 100 word script will equal approximately 30 seconds of video
Just $297
For Script/Video
Up to 150 Words*

Greater Message

If you need a little more content to get your point across, then this might be the right package for you? Run time would range from 45 seconds to 2 minutes.
Just $397
For Script/Video between
151-300 Words*

Deeper Explanation

In most cases this should for sure be enough to get your message heard loud and clear as this will be between a 2 to 2.5 minute video.
Just $497
For Script/Video between
301-400 Words*

    All Packages Include the Following:

  • FULL 1080P HD Resolution
  • Background Music
  • Ability to Add Logo
  • Voiceover recording (you choose male/female,language/accent)
  • Unlimited Revisions

*The packages listed above are priced with YOU providing the script. If you would like us to write your script you simply fill out a so we know the message you are trying to get across and we do the rest! Of course you get final approval.

*If you request that we write your script there will be an additional charge of $150 that will be billed separately in addition to the package prices listed above.


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